Advertising and Marketing Playbook 

Develop A Customized Advertising and Content Marketing Playbook 

We meet entrepreneurs everyday who find themselves in a marketing “in-between” phase. They are too small to hire an agency, but too large to go without advertising. We find this to be the case with businesses earning between $2M and $10M annually. By developing a tailored playbook, as an advertising solution, for companies that fit this profile- it is the perfect solution. 

Business owners get solicited by radio, TV, digital advertising, business listings, trade shows, direct mail, discount e-comm sites, social media, etc all the time. With the multitude of media choices and strategies out there, deciding where to advertise can be a challenge. It can be expensive in wasted ad dollars, and untrackable from an ROI standpoint. This playbook serves as a safety net to guide businesses on where to focus resources and efforts; to accomplish revenue and sales growth. 



The playbook includes:

*1 business analysis questionnaire, so we understand what we need to know about your business.

Question examples include: 

  • Competitive advantages-USP's
  • Key customer insights-target demo profile(s)
  • Geography of service area
  • Revenue sources, pacing YOY
  • Lead management, database engagement

*Local market broadcast TV station and radio rankers (if applicable)

*Competitive Analysis/industry research (for 3 main competitors in direct space)

*60 minute phone consultation to discuss the business questionnaire, and to answer initial questions you may have.

*Annual (Jan-Dec) advertising and marketing plan, with specific tactics, content or additional costs and reasoning for recommendation

*60-90 minute phone consultation to review the annual playbook, and discuss actions needed

*Access to our Resource Center 24/7: white papers, e-books, and webinars

*Subscription to our Sales and Marketing blog, updating advertisers and sales teams on the latest industry trends and topics


The cost for this kit is $3,570 USD.


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