Tap My Brain | 80-minute in-depth Strategy Session 

Hire Me For A Strategy Session Meeting! 

  • Need a new perspective on your brand?
  • Looking to improve your company culture, but how ?
  • Want a road map for your social media channels?
  • Looking for inbound marketing help ?
  • Want to know how effective your website is; and what money you are leaving on the table?
  • Have a burning marketing or PR question you want answered?
  • Need advice on scaling your business?



Tap my brain for a Strategy Session.

A (80) eighty-minute, no-holds-barred strategy call that gets to the heart of your marketing, social media, PR, branding, business development or content/Internet marketing question. The feedback you will get is to the point and precise, and the insight comes from Tara's 15+ years of experience as a marketing and sale consultant, sales trainer, and broadcast media manager. You will leave the call with a doable action plan that can immediately be put into place.

Here’s how it works: register for a Strategy Session and receive a pre-session interview sheet asking you for potential session dates, your most pressing questions, overall goals for the call, and your website and social media links. Tara will respond with a firm session date and review your information before the call to maximize the time spent consulting during the session. Cost of the preparation and one 80-minute coaching call is $565 USD.

If you are looking for expert feedback, fresh insight and a clear path of action — all in one all-about-you, on-target conversation — register for a Strategy Session today.

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