Competitive Analysis

Do you know how your communications stack up against your competitors? A competitive analysis is a review of your current competitors’ websites alongside your website. Our review focuses on websites because they are typically the foundation of most brand communication efforts, and because they are more accessible than printed materials. However, we can make special efforts to review other materials as needed to ensure a complete analysis.

What we look for

In reviewing your messaging, we look closely at what is being said and also at what is not being said. We notice how things are communicated visually and verbally. We review key messages, use of language, complexity, visualization or lack of it, navigation/ease of use, clarity, uniqueness, color and mood, and any inconsistences. Getting a broad perspective of your competitors’ communications alongside your own gives you specific insights into how your brand can stand out and claim its rightful place in the market. You will also see where your website ranks against your competitors.

What’s involved

We will typically ask you for the names of your known competitors at our first meeting or at the beginning of our brand development engagement with you. We will also seek out other potential competitors for review. We will walk you through your competitive analysis findings, ask for your feedback, and give you a printed copy as part of your overall plan.