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The way to reach potential customers is ever-changing. tMedia Consulting provides honest marketing strategies, inbound marketing campaign execution, and sales team solutions for B2B and B2C companies looking to increase inbound leads. Improve marketing ROI, and increase customer retention by partnering with the HubSpot platform. We want the best results for our clients, and at the same time grow the communities around us that make our businesses successful. We look forward to working with you! 


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Our Services

Brand Strategy + Development

Your brand is everything. It's how loyal customers identify you, and it's how new customers learn to trust you. It is important that you deliver consistent messaging in the marketplace and offer prospective and existing customers an opportunity to learn all about you. Having a strong brand means beating the competition and building a successful foundation for years to come. Let our team help you create, evolve, and strengthen your brand.

Marketing Campaign Development and Execution

It's not always easy to feel confident that your marketing plan is producing ROI. With traditional media, inbound marketing, digital/website development, print/publication advertising, SEO/SEM, email marketing and lead generation/nurturing options, the menu to choose from is endless. You are building and running a business. You need a team of experts to do the heavy lifting for you. We stay on top of trends and educate you just enough to make informed decisions when finalizing a plan of action. We measure everything, so there is no guess work when it comes to what's working and what's not.

Creative Development

How your creative messaging is presented can set you apart from competitors. When your customers notice, that’s powerful. Your creative voice can lead customers to purchase by connecting with them both rationally and emotionally. It can increase your marketing reach and turn customers into passionate followers. No medium stands alone; your audience is moved by word-of-mouth, their service or product experience, and by your marketing materials. Let our team ensure your message is powerful and driving results. 

Sales and Executive Training

Don't let your company initiative fall short due to poor communication and training. We have seen first-hand how executive execution can get derailed when the staff isn't supported with training and/or education of a new initiative. Get your staff up to speed on the new tools you've put in place and ensure success.

One-Time Services

We understand not everyone is ready to jump all-in with a new marketing strategy or lead generation process. Take advantage of these one-time services we offer to get a feel of what working with us is like. Check out: Tap My Brain: 80-minute Strategy Session Call, or our Marketing Playbook Solution

Media and Public Relations

Our team knows how to get your company noticed. We have journalists and media professionals on hand to help you with your PR, Media Buying, and Traditional Advertising needs. Let us help you grow brand awareness and engagement. 

Why Is Creative Important?

Your messaging is everything. It's the way people remember your brand, and it's meant to provoke action. It has to be clear, yet remarkable. We help businesses ensure the right message is hitting the marketplace. With the wrong call to action, no amount of effort will improve results. Check out our top creative partners here.

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Why is Sales Training Important?

Sales reps have many tools at their fingertips to help them succeed. But when companies implement new lead-generation initatives, internal training and execution can sometimes lag behind. We know a company initative is only successful if the sales team executes flawlessly. Let us help train your team today. 

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Inbound Marketing

It's harder than ever to reach potential customers. Generating traffic through your website and nurturing prospects through the sales funnel via a series of targeted emails are becoming preferred ways to see brand engagement success. As described by the experts at HubSpot, inbound marketing is the idea that by sharing content designed to reach your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more. Mobile technology is changing the landscape. Make sure you are ahead of the curve. 

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We offer a variety of services, please contact us to learn more!


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Our Happy Clients Say...

Tara is an excellent consultative salesperson who truly listens to the client's marketing goals and business issues and addresses both of those with a thoughtful, intelligent cost-effective manner. She is a true partner to those she works with and is always looking out for the best interest of your business. Your business is in good hands with Tara as your account manager.”

Paula W.

Founder -P2 Marketing

"I hired Tara to help me with me sort out my Marketing and keep me on track with HubSpot and Web Technology (in general). As an Independent Business person it is challenging for me to do Sales, Marketing and Service Clients. Tara fills in a large gap for me by developing a coherent Web presence and messaging. With her Guidance and hands-on assistance she is definitely moving I Need a CFO in the right direction by focusing me on the most important Marketing activities first. Let me add that she has a terrific communication style, and is so very response. I am very glad she is on my team!"

Ed Musmon

CEO - I Need A CFO

Tara has been phenomenal to work with. Her knowledge and creative thinking have truly helped our business with our social media and marketing! She is one of the best I have ever worked with. She is super easy to work with and always willing to talk through new ideas! You won't be disappointed working with Tara!"

Amy O.

CMO/Ops-Balance Wealth Advisors

Tara has worked on our company's website and social media for the last 2 years. We used to spend a lot on PPC but weren't getting the high quality leads we needed. Through a refresh of our target market, and platforms to reach those target leads we were able to affordably put a repeatable and successful marketing strategy in place. She also identified other areas in the business ops that needed to be aligned/fixed in order to get the best results. Tara and her team are super responsive, organized, and accountable. I look forward to continuing to work with Tara and tMedia for years to come.”

Joseph G.

VP Residential - Prime Building

“Tara has a great knowledge of sales, business, and media. Her abilityto understand the needs of a variety of different types of business owners comes naturally. She always does what's in the best interest of the client which is saying a lot in the media business. I'd love to work with Tara again in the future!”

Jarred A.

Co-Founder Fairway Mortgage Backbay

"After years of working with several consultants, I found the right one! Tara is knowledgable, creative and is always there! We have worked with different types of digital media, she created my website, helps with blogging, events and so much more! Her prices are reasonable and she is hard working!"

Noelle S.

Owner-Noelle Salon

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Until You See Results?

That depends on your strategy and the marketing channels you use. Traditional marketing can often make an initial splash, while inbound marketing is a long-term approach. Businesses should be seeing ROI within the first 3-6 months of most strategies implemented.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

Pricing is based on your particular business needs. We work with all types of budgets to determine the best mix of marketing channels to help you reach your desired lead-generation and ROI goals. Set up your meeting today to discuss pricing further.

How Do We Support the Community?

We feel that every successful business owes something back to the community. That's why we take a percentage of each contract written and donate it to a local charity. Not only does it feel good, but people are more inclined to work with businesses who give back. How are YOU giving back?

Why Use a Consultant?

You have a business and team of employees to manage. Why deal with multiple marketing channels and representatives who aren't focused on working together to achieve success for you? By partnering with us, you tap into our vast network of individuals with years of industry knowledge who will get you the most robust plan of action. Let us keep up with all the marketing trends, so you can do what you do best.

Who Do We Work With?

We have experience working with B2B and B2C in many industries. Each business has a unique way to drive revenue, target leads, and communicate with potential and existing customers. Let us help you revise your processes to ensure business growth and goal achievement.

Why T Media Consulting?

We are focused on business success and client happiness. We provide the most up-to-date marketing strategies for client review and focus on education and training. You and your team will be kept well informed at every stage, and you'll be able to see just how the needle is moving. For years we have been helping our clients grow their businesses and their brands. T Media is also passionate and committed to supporting the community we live in, a win-win for everyone.

Need Help? Let's Chat.

Our team offers services of all types to fit your companies needs. Learn more about how we can help grow your business today! 


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