on January 25, 2022 marketing marketing campaigns

3 Marketing Content Ideas to Boost Q1 Engagement

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Hooray - we made it to 2022! Looking for some new content ideas for marketing this year? We have you covered. These 3 types will ensure engagement thrives. 


1 -  Video content continues to be king

​​Do you have a video strategy in place? If not, you are behind the ball. Research by Cisco found that in 2022, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. Videos are 53x more likely to generate first-page rankings over other SEO tactics, and 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video. 

Concerned about video production? Don’t worry, you don’t need a professional videographer to get into the video content game. Look at TikTok and Instagram reels - perfect examples of DIY marketing videos that effectively create engagement and reach. Find a video champion in your office or a marketing agency that can support your strategy to get your video creation going. 

2 -  Become a thought leader, create content that educates

Using blog articles and social media as an outlet for your voice can help sell your goods and services more than actual hard selling can. One of my favorite LinkedIn followers is Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx. Sara posts relatable, motivational, and empowering messages on a consistent basis. Most of her posts don’t mention new styles, upcoming sales, or product placement. That is on purpose. She has become a true thought leader in the space by just being her authentic self - who happens to be a successful entrepreneur who created her own category of products. By sharing content that connects, it automatically builds trust authority and in turn, increases followers and revenue opportunities. 

3 - Think outside the (digital) box

2022 brings the year of Google's much talked about third-party cookie crumble. Chrome will replace third-party cookies with browser-based tools and techniques aimed at balancing personalization and privacy. No cookies? No problem. Evolving outside of third-party data takes time to get to know your customers and prospects, but it's worth it in the long run. Enhance your customer experience by creating campaigns that nurture each persona. Send your customers a piece of mail. Advertise in out of home or on your favorite podcast that you know your customers love too. There are more options out there that you can add to your arsenal to reach new prospects and current customers. 

Mix it up this quarter and track your results to determine what is working best for you so you can double down the remainder of the year! 

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