on July 16, 2015 marketing

Radio Commercial Writing 101

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You have made the move into broadcast marketing and are launching your first radio commercial campaign, how exciting! Now, what are you going to talk about? You have only :15, :30, or :60 seconds to get your company message out-so what do you say? Follow these tips below to create the perfect radio commercials.


1. What is your product offer and who is your target demo? This is the important part. It has to be CLEAR, SIMPLE, and PROVOKE ACTION. 

Example: A financial institution promoting first time home buyer mortgage services and a workshop, with target demo someone 25-35 years old. That is clear, simple, and will resonate with someone that is in the market for buying their first home. The listener also has 2 choices-they can do research on their own about those services, or they can attend the workshop.

2. What are the options for contacting your company? Website, phone number, and address as the most common choices. Depending on the length of the commercial you can mention one, or all of them. 

Example :15: say company name twice, with website, and possibly phone number

Example: 30 say company name 2-3 times, website 1-2, and phone number

Example :60: say company name 3 times, website 2, phone number and possible geo location 

3. Does this make sense? Read, edit, listen, take a friend poll-does this make sense to someone not in your industry? When in doubt, say less! Ready to Try crafting the perfect commercial yourself? Use our 30 second radio commercial scripts guide found by clicking HERE!

Now-get ready for those sales to come in! 

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Tara Gearhart

Tara is a high-energy and passionate individual who settles for nothing less than the best. She's spent over 10 years in the Broadcast Media Business, and over 5 years in the SaaS space working with HubSpot, Inbound Marketing Software. She now blends both traditional and inbound methodology to create success for her clients.