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Business Coaching and Creative Marketing: Lessons Learned

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As an entrepreneur, working on improvement of oneself can never be a bad thing. I am a big proponent of self educating, so my clients can benefit from working with someone who sorts out the good, bad and the ugly from marketing and business trends out there. I recently went to a workshop that was positioned as focused on: Mindset, Money, and Marketing. I decided to attend, and here were some of the main takeaways I got from the business coaching and creative marketing event. 

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1. Mindset: We all know the power of "mind over matter" and the force that optimism and positive thinking brings to making dreams a reality. There is truly such a thing and it can affect your business, and personal, relationships in a powerful way. Getting a reminder on the Laws of Attraction and how they are working whether you are following them or not, was a huge ah-ha for me. I aim to take every opportunity out there to help propel me in a growth position, so for me, brushing up on just how these laws play out in everyday business situations was interesting. If you aren't familiar with each of the laws, you can check them out HERE

Outside of understanding and harnessing what the universe is sending your way; getting out of your head your "story" was another topic of discussion. How many times have people or clients you know self sabotaged growth because they are nervous to go outside of their comfort zone? This happens all the time, and in many cases leads to self imposed limitations on business growth and success. First, understanding what challenges your story is putting in your way is the first step to working on changing the message of your story. 

2. Money: This is why we are in business, to grow revenue and make money. As Biggie once said: "Mo Money, Mo problems" so be careful how you have a relationship with money. Every choice a business owner makes is either growing the business, or killing it. There are only those 2 options. Grow or die. That was shocking for me at first to absorb, but was yet so simply put that it makes total sense. If we are afraid to grow-how can we achieve what we want next? If we aren't willing to take risks, that may cost money upfront, how will we get the big payoff in the end? This applies to decisions companies make for employee growth, culture, business back end systems, marketing, virtually every area and every department. Are you growing your business and setting yourself up for success, or are you limiting your growth ability due to risk or fear of failure? “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” - Robert F. Kennedy

3. Marketing: I was reminded of the old saying "You get what you pay for" when this topic rolled around. So many times, business owners I come across fall into one of three buckets: those who have never marketed, and won't invest because it "costs to much", those that have "dipped their toe in, saw mediocre success, and aren't convinced on what the right direction is", and those who are investing in their brand, product, and client happiness and seeing exponential growth. Everyone starts somewhere, and every marketing campaign should be tailored and directed and the companies needs to achieve the goal they have set forth. Often times that costs money-BUT if the strategy is done right, you'll see a return multi-fold. Getting back to my previous comment about either moving forward, or standing still. There are only 2 options, and marketing plays a HUGE part in the overall success of a company.  Don't be afraid to invest in your needs, in order to see a big payoff in the end. 

There were also additional topics covered in the workshop such as: networking event etiquette, and sales process improvement (see my previous post about Honesty in the Sales Process). It was a total of 20 hours spent on self improvement, and working towards being a better marketing consultant and communicator with those whom I have business and personal relationships with. There is no substitution for self learning and mindset growth, and I look forward to keeping these things in mind when starting and ending everyday. 

If you are a business owner or marketing VP: do you need help with revamping your message and attracting new leads to your business? Does your marketing need a revised strategy so you see better ROI? Let's talk! I'd love to help you achieve your peak success! 


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