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Examples of Great Calls to Action

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Ever wonder why you don't get more "contact us" requests? Probably because that is be least most converted on call to action out here, yet it's often the only option businesses offer their prospects to choose from. Why is it the least converted on? Because it leaves too much to question....contact us about what? A demo? A meeting? Where you're located? Your prices? What exactly DO you want them to do? Being clearer and offering specific calls to action will increase conversion and serve up better quality leads. 



Check out these great calls to action:

Example 1: Preferred IT Group Instead of offering only an about us section, or list of their services they have a few specific calls to action on their home page; one of which is a great resource e-book. Through education and advice you can connect with your potential customers and identify where they are in the sales cycle. 



Example 2: PR 20/20  This company is one of the best at servicing Inbound Marketing campaigns for their clients, so it's not surprising they have clear and targeted calls to action. This series of 3 offers different needs for different stages of the sales process

             pr_2020_call_to_action     pr_202_call_to_action_2   pr_2020_call_to_action_3


Example 3: Collegiate Housing Services. Instead of just asking for students to apply, they offer several options for resources, plus different applications based on your needs. By offering targeted calls to action you are allowing for your team to be more efficient in follow up as well. 



Example 4: Finex Credit Union. They just recently underwent a name change and re-brand, plus website redesign. Their home page is now mobile friendly, and offers various call to action for both members and potential prospects.



See the difference a few words can make? By offering a clear path of resources it creates a road map for your prospect to go down. You are gently moving them along the sales process in an educational and effective way. Your prospects will thank you, your sales reps will thank you and your business will grow due to this focus around calls to action. 

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