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Why Marketing When Times Are Challenging Positions You Differently.

  2020 is defining the meaning of virtual and all this #socialdistancing is creating concern across the board both in personal and business life. It's...

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Detox Your Marketing Campaign

We "detox" to keep our body healthy, in top shape, and reset if we need it. The same theory applies to your marketing.  If you are operating on a fisc...

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How Brainstorming Sessions Can Improve Brand Engagement and Authority

Brainstorming sessions, when done right, combine ideas, research, and strategy for businesses who are trying to increase revenue. Executing a brainsto...

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Why Honesty In The Sales Process Is Imparative

Networking events, I go to many of them, and have for most of my sales/marketing career. Often they are a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs, bu...

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Why Marketers Should Love The Custom #hashtag

I was recently helping my daughter with her 3rd halo (or as I call them clementines) and as I was "starting the peel" for her I noticed a tiny sticker...

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Branding Solutions: How to Improve Yours

Most companies, celebrities, politicians, and public figures would argue their brand is the most important aspect of a business. It speaks to who and ...